ID Date Time Age Symbol Model TF Buy/ Sell Open P6 Stop loss Take pr.1 Take pr.2 Take pr.3 Take pr.4
12345 01.01.20 16:00 1 EURUSD EAM H4 Buy 1.12345 1.12350 1.12355 1.12335 1.12325 1.12315 1.12305
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b. Disactivate "Fix-scale" switcher to autoscale price chart when moving along the timeline.

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The first stage of PRISM project is a service which provides an opportunity to discuss the market in a single language that is universal for the vast majority of markets, trading instruments and timeframes. Moreover, this "language" is formalized enough to make joint conclusions about trading situations by many people together.

The core PRISM service idea is based on the unique analysis & trading system, which is called "Dilative Methods" (or DM) and is being developed for more than 10 years. Today this system allows to make deals with 5-fold exceedance of potential profit over potential loss.

One of the DM analysis system features is its applicability to most known liquid financial instruments. It may be applied to stocks, derivatives, oil, precious metals or currencies. DM takes into account complex of harmonic characteristics, which statistically are able to take into consideration the influence of social and economic processes  to define exact price key levels. This is why forecasts are exact no matter which charts are analyzed with DM system. But not all of them of course:) The toughest  part of using DM models is to  separate the wheat from the chaff i.e. you steel need to define, which model's are usefull.

Here are some planned features:
1. Telegram bot that will be able to:
- report the appearance of new models;
- report on model events (reaching calculated 6 levels, reaching goals levels, etc.).
2. We want to give a communication opportunity for users so that they could exchange forecasts
- vote on whether the model will work or not;
- ability to share comments on models. Also we maybe will create users rating. It will depend on correctly predicted models, so other users will see if the comment or forecast on the model comes from an expert or not.
3. Display of interrelated models for each one.
4. An option to view multiple models on the same chart.
5. An option to hide models from the table using filters. For example to hide clearly not proportional models (which usually doesn't work out).
6. Several pre-prepared options for chart scaling.
7. Notes to (any) models ;
- personal;
- public ones.
8. Selecting multiple models on the same chart (located side by side).
9. Linking multiple charts for multi-timeframe analysis. To be more specific:
- link models using the ID in the comments;
- make projections of levels 6 and other reference points of linked models on each other's graph;
- specify the location of linked models relative to each other. All these links should be displayed in the form of a tree of links.
10. To use neural networks to find working models.


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Very soon there will be a lot of information here too!:)

They are coming up!;)