The main idea and key differences of the project

•The basic idea of the project is to create service which would help traders to communicate in the same language and to work out exact trading decisions.

•The Service will be based on a unique, carefully designed system of technical analysis. It's advantages are:

Comfort and confidence of the trader

User of the service receives the key levels for the transaction before opening a trading position. Thus, the potential result of each transaction may be calculated in advance, so user gets enough time to make an informed decision.

Accessibility and intuitiveness

Each signal is visualized on the chart, facilitating the perception of information.


The system avoids situations with hardly predictable outcome. Due to this, in the medium and long terms sustainable performance is achieved on a wide range of trading instruments.


A key distinguishing feature of the project is the focus on a continuous increase in efficiency. The system will be improved over time through the introduction of new approaches, as well as self-training using neural networks.

The unique feature of the project

To find a method of price analysis that can identify the price levels at which the further scenario is determined, we took clear and popular graphic methods (Japanese candlesticks, Elliott Wave theory, Fibonacci levels) mixed and shook them, and created a totally new system that combined their advantages. And the core idea is that world's financial markets work as some kind of natural phenomenon. Here is a short video on this topic.


Stages of the project

Here are the he steps, by following which we are going to create best analytical service in the world:


Financial instruments analysis marking

The initial stage of the project is to create an online service for people who trade or study trading in the financial markets. The service will allow everyone to get a complete marking of any financial instrument with models of our universal system of technical analysis.

Community forecasts

Users will be able to participate in daily collective voting forecasts of the market situations. These situations will be shown from the perspective of the service's analytical system. 

For participation in the voting, as well as for the correct forecasts, users will receive points, which may be spent to use special features. Also users will receive a rating depending on how often they give the correct forecasts. Users with high rating will have more influence. 

Special Features

We have developed a trading strategy that allows to predict trend reversal or at least beginning of correction. Users, who will participate in community forecasts voting will be granted access to trading instructions based on our trading system. See some examples below.

Here is a couple of examples of how our system predicts trend reversal and trend correction: